Is Physical Therapy The Best Solution To Back Pain?

Whenever a person is physically injured, he or she will have to undergo various tests and even surgeries which are meant to alleviate the pain and provide the necessary treatment to the injured parts of the body. But this is not to say that physical therapy procedures are designed only for the treatment of physical injuries. Even simple physical conditions like back pains could be addressed by proper therapy programs.

Physical therapy is the combination of physiology related workouts as well as the implementation of these guidelines to get rid of body strains. Physical therapy for back pains is centered on the structural association, which aids the body’s vertebrae and joints like the ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Contrary to what many of us think, physical therapy is not just all about stretches and workouts. As a matter of fact, there are various forms of therapy that is used to eliminate back disorders.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is considered the easiest way to lessen the pain caused by chronic back discomfort. If the back pain is caused by some severe incidents, then it should be expected to take some time to cure, and discomfort may persist for a longer time. By using heat therapy, the muscles are made to rest, especially that the stiffness of the muscles brings about too much pain. This therapy also improves the movements of the joints and also increases the circulation of the blood in the affected area.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a highly recommended cure for an acute injury. By using ice cubes, gel packs and cold packs, the pain and swelling on the back after an injury can be reduced. This will also control bleeding in the blood vessels and allows for the making of new ones.

Massage Treatment

This kind of physical therapy becomes much more effective when done regularly. Massaging the back area will lessen the pain, relax the tight muscles and even lower the stiffness of the joints. Massage therapy greatly helps in the faster curing of back injuries and aids in the better circulation of the blood in the area.


With an ultrasound treatment, sound waves are used. They are actually penetrated into the affected area of the back through the skin. The sound waves are used to heat up the sprained area as well as increase the level of blood circulating in the area. This will then result in the better supply of oxygen and nutrients needed to eliminate the toxins in the muscles or joints.


In order to realign the muscles, tendons and ligaments from the back, it is important that you do some robust and flexible stretch out routines. This is advisable not only as a cure for back pains but as prevention as well.

Physical Exercise

To improve the condition of the back area, proper toning exercises are necessary. This will include swimming, walking or cycling. All these therapies are meant to alleviate back pains as well as condition the back area to become stronger and less susceptible to swelling.


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