Things You Should Know About Becoming A Physical Therapy Assistant

The work of a physiotherapist isn’t easy, and can often be very challenging. But these responsibilities are doable through the help of physical therapy assistants or PTAs. A PTA is somebody that assists a physiotherapist in executing the therapies as well as other rehab exercises created for a patient. Generally, people decide to study to be a physical therapy assistant for the reason that PTA degree programs are virtually shorter than that of a PT.

Tasks and Job Assignments of PTAs

A physical therapist assistant will carry out identical sets of tasks as a physiotherapist, for instance supporting individuals for their exercises, massage therapy, workouts, electric stimulation in addition to paraffin baths. On the whole, PTAs perform their jobs under the supervision of physical therapists, who will be ultimately the ones responsible for designing the rehab program and development of the patients. Fundamentally, physical therapy assistants are active in the documentation and monitoring of the progress of patients.

Work Place for PTAs

Physical therapist assistants can work in clinics, medical offices, rehab centers, as well as hospitals. As a PTA, no matter the area of your work, you must always be physically strong and fit because your work involves a great deal of lifting and supporting patients. Additionally, you could be asked to help move or operate some hefty equipment. In case you are curious about the work schedules generally made available to a physical therapy assistant, they actually vary depending on the number of affected individuals requiring the services, and of course their employers. In other words, a PTA might choose to work part-time, full-time, week-ends and nights.

Proper Training and Education Specifications

If you’re hoping to be a physical therapy assistant, you have to earn an associate degree via an accredited program. Typically, this would involve 2 years of undergrad education. You won’t have problems getting such programs as they are available in almost every state.

PTA degree programs generally involve both class and medical coaching and instruction. And as a health care related degree, the programs include things like subjects in anatomy, physiology, and also life saving training.

Wage Range and Benefits

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the standard wage a physical therapist assistant can receive is $46,300 annually. But you must also be aware that your wage as an assistant to a therapist differs according to a number of aspects, such as your workplace, where you are working as well as the sector you’re focusing on. PTAs will also get to receive a compensated vacation as well as insurance coverage besides their basic salary.

On the subject of seeking your long term career, it is very important that you do your own research about a specific industry. Make sure also that you select the ideal school as well as certified degree program when preparing for your employment. Having all these in your mind, it is obvious that being a physical therapy assistant would be the right career for you.


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