Low Back Pain Relief by Largo Chiropractor using FDA Approved Device

Disc bulge pressure relief using spinal decompression traction therapy is a tried and true method to relieve back pain resulting from a disc herniation. Spinal decompression traction is helpful for the relief of back pain due to disc related nerve pressure and relieves aching back and muscle tightening.

Spinal decompression mechanical traction treatment is a all natural therapy for the treatment of back and leg pain. There are little contraindications and can be used on most patients suffering from disc injury such as disc bulge or disc herniation, back pain and muscle spasm.

When receiving spinal disc decompression therapy the patient lays on the traction therapy table face up with secure straps and a harness around the low back and pelvis. Another set of bands strap around the upper body and rib cage.

Spinal disc herniation relief occurs when the traction mildly separates the spinal vertebrae relieving any associated joint pressure and disc pressure. When the pressure is relieved off the disc the pressure diminishes and the pain is reduced.

The spinal disc decompression motion gently separates and releases gradually. The spinal bones and related anatomy is gently stretched relieving compression forces on the spinal joints and disc pressure.

Spinal decompression traction helps relieve spastic low back muscles by breaking the muscle spasm reflex arc. The low back muscles relax and muscle pain eases.

The patient is given a button to interrupt traction rehabilitation any time the patient may feel uneasy. Most patients feel significant relief while on the spinal decompression therapy table.

Spinal decompression mechanical traction therapy can last from 20 to 40 minutes depending on several factors such as the patients age, disc injury or any other health factors.

Some of the reasons not to use spinal decompression traction are: infections or tumors.

Free information on back pain relief go to my website at www.largoflchiropractor.com. Spinal decompression therapy is a Federal Drug Administration approved medical device that helps relieve disc herniation pain.


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