More Physical Therapists Opting Fit Travel Therapy Jobs

Physical therapy is one of those very in demand health care profession and job that needs intense training and education. Also known as physiotherapy, its primary concern is to remediate disabilities commonly experienced by the patients. It promotes re-mobilization of affected areas of the body and restores its full physiological capability. Sometimes, if the case suggests that there is no possible way to bring the affected part of the body into its full function, the physical therapy program that will be carried out is usually of preventive type, which aims to avert the case from being more serious. For the long-term goal, it aims to improve the quality of life by examination, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention of physical disabilities of the patient.

All interventions are carried out by accredited and licensed physical therapist, also known as physiotherapists. These health care professionals help people with injuries and disabilities to improve their mobility and teach them the basics and importance of pain management. They are essential part of rehabilitation and treatment of patients with chronic conditions.

TherapistPhysical therapists are normally seen intervening cases in hospitals, government health institutions and private clinics. In addition to this, they can also be part of medical research team conducting studies and testing for more cure and intervention methods. Some of the qualified and accredited physical therapists pursue a teaching career, educating more aspiring physical therapists to be able and recognized health care professionals. Others are found in consultation and administration helping health care institutions in managing the industry.

As shown statistically, there is a rapid growth of physical therapy related jobs in the recent years. In lieu of this, there is also an equivalent effect in the salary of every physical therapist. Some health care institutions offer travel opportunities to their physical therapist by offering the travel jobs. Travel physical therapy jobs are one of the fastest growing career opportunity fields in the physical therapy industry.

A great deal of benefits is waiting for those who would prefer to engage in this kind of job.

  • Travel Physical Therapist gets relatively higher pay. Aside from the great pay out, travel physical therapist gets outstanding benefits from his health care institution. According to the statistics, travel physical therapist gets 15% to 20% higher pay out than a regular physical therapist working in private clinics. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics an average annual income of $ 113, 500 is what awaits aspiring travel physical therapists. In addition to that, great deals of bonus are also offered to them.
  • Physical therapist will enjoy the benefits of traveling. He or she will have the opportunity to explore other cultures if ever he or she is assigned to a foreign country. Business with pleasure is applicable depending on the itinerary being offered to the physical therapist.
  • Physical therapist travel without any cost. Since the costs of traveling will be charged to the health care institution he or she is employed to, the physical therapist gets to enjoy the benefits of traveling without any cost on his side. In other cases, a 100% round trip travel reimbursement is applied. Free private housing or hotel accommodation is applied at every assignment.
  • Travel physical therapists are exposed to a completely new working environment. The working environment of the travel physical therapist varies every assignment. They can have the opportunity to work for private sectors, leading hospitals, outpatient clinics, government health care institutions or could be in a particular individual. In each assignment, the physical therapist gains more knowledge and skills and learns new practices.
  • Every assignment adds entry to working experience. Every assignment hones their skills and adds entry to their working experience making them more eligible for greater opportunities. At some cases, the travel physical therapist creates a lasting connection to the institutions he or she is assigned to making his boss an additional entry to his character references. These experiences are a great way for them to be recognized as he makes his way to greener Pasteur.

Travel physical therapy, however, is not for everyone. Aside from being a licensed and certified physical therapist there also exists various training for those who aspire to be one. It is not advisable for people with their own family to engage in this kind of job since it involves traveling a lot. However, if you are an adventurous type of person with no commitments or obligations, this job is fit for you.

Job description varies depending on the position being offered, from being temporary or contractual to supervisor. On the entry level, travel physical therapist’s task is no less than his tasks on an ordinary clinical set up. His common tasks include assessing patients that needs rehabilitation services that includes but are not limited to:

  • Assessing the medical condition, range of the functional capabilities, limitations and restrictions, and potentials of the patient.
  • Administer the treatment program with specific goals determined according to the patient’s capacity and tolerance under the direction of the patient’s physician.
  • Assist the patient at every session, giving him the proper directions and guidelines according to his limits and restrictions and full potentials.
  • Generate a progress report as a reference of the physician to the next treatment program.

Requirements of this job usually include:

  • A graduate of BS Physical Therapy and duly licensed by the government.
  • Practical clinical experience of at least one year.
  • Being goal oriented and has a desire to guide patients to revive their full physiological functions.
  • Driver’s license and passport is a plus.

A typical travel physical therapy assignment usually last up to 13 weeks. Long-term assignment is possible if the physical therapist chose to extend his contract or finding another health care institution that will give him more assignments. In the United States, the travel assignments are usually within the 51 states of America only. Depending on the connection of the agency or health care institution, there can also be international assignments. After all the prerequisites are carefully reviewed by the agency in parallel to evaluating your desired salary and goals you want to meet, the agency will set an interview with you and the potential client. If an agreed rate will be decided that is when the job started. The same goes for the next assignments. Knowing these opportunities, one understands why many PTs are now opting for travel therapy jobs.


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