Orthopedics And Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involved in orthopedics focuses on providing rehabilitation for a patient that underwent a serious injury or disability.  The position entails various responsibilities such as preparing a physical therapy and rehabilitation program for the patient.  Through this program, the patient will be able to recover from the impaired physical mobility experienced after an accident or event that lead to such injury.  The physical therapists have to push the patients to go beyond their usual capacity of pain tolerance and physical sensations for better faster recovery and utilizing damaged body parts again.

There are two ways to choose in becoming a physical therapist.  The first is taking a college degree for four years in physical therapy and followed by a master’s degree in physical therapy for another two years.  The second option is to a direct degree that runs for 6 to 7 years, which results in a doctorate in physical therapy.  After formal education is accomplished, it is necessary to take state and national level board examinations to obtain the license to practice as a physical therapist.  However, if you want to become an orthopedic physical therapist another certification should be acquired. You have to be dedicated enough to get it.

Specializing in orthopedics as a physical therapist requires you a certification as well as enough experience in this particular field.  This means that prior to certification physical therapist must have 2,000 hours of providing direct patient care in the field of specialization for the last ten years.  From the compiled hours of service, 500 hours or 25% of that should have been experienced in the last three years.  The patient care should include examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis as well as intervention.  Other than this, it is necessary that the physical therapist’s license is up to date and valid. If such requirements are completed then specializing in orthopedics becomes easier.

Physical therapists look to this certification as an opportunity for career advancements.  It is no wonder that most of them gain more than one specialization.  The more physical therapy specialization certifications the better job opportunities they are getting.  There are eight different specializations that a physical therapist can choose and focus on.  With a certification as an orthopedic physical therapist, responsibility is higher and so is the salary.  National average income of the orthopedic physical therapist is $89,000.  Other than a good paying job, physical therapists do not work on a shift or during the night which a benefit for most.


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