Physical Therapist – Working On Non-Patient Care Jobs

You want to become a physical therapist but you do not want to work directly with patients, is this even possible? In the healthcare industry, there is such a thing as non-patient care jobs. Even if you are a nurse of a physical therapist, you have the option to apply for jobs that care for patients directly. Often, a physical therapist will have to work with patients closely to rehabilitate injuries. However, you must know that the path to your career is always up to you.

If you do not intend to care for patients directly, you can enroll in a physical therapy assistant program instead. This allows you to apply for entry-level job positions in a physical therapy rehabilitation clinic or facility. Anyhow, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy will prove to be beneficial in the long run. If you suddenly feel the need to work with patients closely, you can do so when you get your college degree. After all, working with patients is more fulfilling that working behind the desk.

Non-Patient Care Physical Therapy Jobs You Can Apply

  • Physical Therapist Secretary

You work as a receptionist in a private clinic in this entry-level job. You welcome patients, keep their records and schedule appointments. If the physical therapist will need some assistance, you are prepared to do as well. Most of your work will be done on your desk except in special cases. However, there is a small chance for career advancement with this job unless you pursue higher degrees.

  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Facility Manager

There are physical therapy rehabilitation facilities where patients go to for their treatment programs. These facilities will need proper management, as the place should always be clean and organized all the time. Such place should guarantee comfort for patients and all the equipment should be complete. A manager in this place should have good knowledge of physical therapy practices because he will also be in-charge of training the staff.

  • Physical Therapy Educator

If you really do not like working with patients directly, you can become a teacher or professor instead. After graduating with a master’s or doctorate degree, you can apply for an educator position in a physical therapy school. This is one of the best ways to exercise your knowledge and skills in physical therapy. Teaching students and helping produce quality physical therapists is a fulfilling job as well.

Even if your job as Physical therapist entails caring for the patient, it does not limit you to actually work on non-patient care jobs.


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