Physical Therapist’s Can Help With Your About Shoulder Pain

Good glenohumeral joint function is vital for most sporting and work tasks and any physiotherapy centre will testify to glenohumeral joint injuries resulting in a significant loss to quality of life. The shoulder is a complex joint. It is a ‘ball and socket’ joint and depends heavily on the ligamentous structures and also various muscles (called the rotator cuff) to provide it stability and enable normal function. It functions very closely with the neck and the thoracic spine (upper back) to permit full and pain-free motion. The complex structure of this area makes it very vunerable to injury. There a wide range of causes of shoulder discomfort ranging from significant injuries like dislocation and bone fracture, to tears of the rotator cuff and to pain which comes on slowly and worsens with time. The key to effective treatment lies in accurate diagnosis. This can only be achieved through a comprehensive examination by the physio.

Your trusted physiotherapist will complete an examination. This will entail an extensive examination of the shoulder including testing the range of motion and also testing the muscles. Additionally, it will involve a look at your neck as well as thoracic spine to be sure that the shoulder problem is not referred from these areas. During the evaluation, the physio brisbane will identify any unusual movement patterns of the shoulder. This is usually as a result of joint stiffness or muscle imbalances; where some muscle groups do an excessive amount of work while others do not do enough, possibly as a result of decreased strength. It is essential that any dysfunction issues are addressed so the problem does not reoccur.

Treatment will vary greatly and will be influenced by what is contributing to your shoulder dysfunction. Mobilization of the shoulder joint and also the upper back will help with loosening up the region and will allow better range of movement. If your pain is coming from a different region then this will also be treated. Any tight muscles around the shoulder and nearby regions will be treated using deep tissue massage, trigger point releasing, exercises and possibly dry needling (acupuncture) by your physio brisbane to help relieve any regions of tension and muscle spasm. Strengthening any weak areas of the shoulder is extremely important, and that’s why, your physiotherapy treatment program will include some sort of home-based exercise; either a strengthening regime to improve the biomechanics of the shoulder or specific exercises to work on minimizing stiffness in the area..

In some instances it can be necessary to carry out investigations which can help establish the exact reason for the symptoms; This may involve an x-ray or possibly a referral on to an orthopaedic specialist and will be discussed with you if neccessary

Problems wth the shoulder can be some of the most complex and painful injuries. It is very important to visit your local physiotherapist as soon as these kinds of problems occur so that a treatment programme can be set in place to make sure your quality of life returns to normal as soon as possible.

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