Physical Therapy Careers – Exploring Careers in Physical Therapy

Natural and non-invasive health care services like physical therapy are very in demand today and are expected to grow in the coming years. More people are becoming aware of the important of clean and healthy body making the demand for natural products, medicines and health services significantly in demand and preferable by more consumers. Physical therapy is not just about helping patients relax and eliminate stress but PT can also be a great way to prevent illnesses and cure some health problems related to the muscles, joints and bones. Physical therapy can be applied in order to treat vertigo, recover faster from wounds and improve overall health. Physical therapy may also be advised for patients with cancer and other chronic diseases in order for them to properly manage and handle their disease.

Getting a career in physical therapy can provide great advantages not only in terms of income but also in terms of stable job and career options. As mentioned earlier, the employment for physical therapists and other natural health care services are expected to grow beyond average in the coming years. A lot of job opportunities will also be available for physical therapists all over the world. More schools and universities are now offering physical therapy programs and courses to cater to the growing population of aspiring physical therapists. With the growing demand for physical therapy professionals, the salary for this profession is also projected to increase in the coming years.

Physical therapists can work for hospitals, health clinics, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, private companies, academic institutions, fitness centers, orthopedic centers or as a licensed private physical therapist providing home services to various clients. Before being accredited and registered as a physical therapist, you need to finish a degree in physical therapy program then pass the licensure examination provided in your state or country. Some countries may also require continuing studies and trainings in order to maintain your license as a physical therapist.

According to research, the annual income of physical therapists ranges from $70,000 to $90,000. The highest earners usually work in home health care centers, general and surgical hospitals, and nursing care institutions. As a physical therapist, you do not only get to earn sufficient income and practice what you studied and trained for but you get to help people improve their lifestyle and overall quality of life. This can provide happiness and fulfillment on your part too as an effective and trusted physical therapist.


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