Physical Therapy: How It Can Help Treat Extremity Problems

When it comes to lower extremities problems, the best treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy focuses on the physical movement and motion of the body. There is no other better treatment to treat injuries in the knees and ankles than physical therapy.

In sports, the knees and ankles are highly prone to injuries. These injuries limit the movement of the person. Walking or even standing up may be difficult. Strength and endurance in the muscles and joints are reduced and flexibility is limited. Physical therapy will target the injured area and will use specific techniques to bring back your mobility. Of course, physical therapy will also ensure that your muscles will regain its strength once again.

What are the common exercise programs that a physical therapist uses to rehabilitate an injury in the knee or ankle? The first is called the ankle planter. In the early stages of an ankle injury, this exercise is the best. You will sit on a chair with your calf propped on a pillow. The toes should be pointed at the ceiling. You will be asked to pull your toes toward your calf as if reaching to touch your shins. This exercise can be a bit painful at first but you will regain your strength later on.

For knee injuries, physical therapist includes knee hamstring stretches in the treatment program. You will lie down on you back with the legs shoulder-width apart. Your toes should point up the ceiling. You must bend the injured knee and lift the foot. Grab your legs with your arms and pull the knee towards the chest. Again, this can be a little painful but this exercise will help stretch the back of your thigh. Since the knee is injured, the muscles in the back of your thighs are restricted too.

Aside from these exercises, physical therapists include other methods and techniques to hasten the healing. Hot and cold therapy is always part of a treatment program. The hot therapy improves blood circulation in the injured area, which will promote faster healing. Cold therapy is used to reduce inflammation, swelling and the pain. Physical therapists also learn the art of therapeutic massages that can help relax the body of the injured patient. Massages help in blood circulation in the body as well.

When it comes to lower extremities injuries, you must look for a physical therapist and nobody else. They know how to treat your injury in the least amount of time allowing you to get your independence and mobility back in no time.


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