Physical Therapy Services – Where To Find A Great Practice

It is a common fact that Physical Therapy is one of the leading careers in the United States today. This is primarily because of the increasing number of people seeking physical therapy services. Physical therapy is a branch of medicine that mainly provides services involving range of motion, increase mobility, restore physical and physiological functioning, and maintain well-being. Physical therapists treat patients from different age groups.

One of the most common places where physical therapists work is in the hospital. The rehabilitation department in a hospital setting is equipped with the most advanced and complete devices and tools needed during therapy. Hospitals also provide benefits and incentives to all physical therapists and other staff. They are also considered as one of the most high-paying facilities in comparison with other rehabilitation centers. Some hospitals also provide seminars and training to their physical therapists.

Another great place to practice physical therapy is the large rehabilitation centers. The set-up in a rehabilitation center is somehow the same with the hospital setting. These centers also furnished with modern devices and equipment used during therapy. Some private facilities provide incentives to their employees as well as trainings and seminars.

Home care service is another great practice for a physical therapist. The therapists treat patients in their homes. They also must allot travel time for each patient. They are provided by their company allowances for travel expenses and some other companies provide them with insurance during their time of work.

Some physical therapists work in nursing care facilities. They provide services to elder people who are suffering from different muscular and skeletal deformities and disorders. They help them to improve their mobility and range of motion as well as to perform activities of daily living without difficulties and pains.

There are different specializations that physical therapists can choose such as geriatrics, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology, and cardiovascular physical therapy. Each specialization has different therapeutic programs designed to specific patient. For instance, geriatrics focuses mainly on older people, while pediatrics physical therapy provides therapeutic treatments to children.

Most physical therapists who work in hospitals and physician offices have higher wages compared with other physical therapists who work in home care service and nursing care facilities. States like California, Texas, McAllen, and Fairbanks are considered the highest-paying metropolitan locations. Salary of physical therapist ranges from at least $50,000 to $100,000 a year. Salary depends on the specialty and years of experience. The more experience and specialty you have, the higher your salary.


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