Reasons Why Physical Therapist Are In Demand

If you would take a look at the most in demand job in the healthcare industry right now, physical therapists are on top of the list. Physical therapy is very different from occupational therapy. While both of them can treat physical difficulties, physical therapy focuses on those people who are injured or have a debilitating disease. Occupational therapists work on patients who are born with the disability.

Why are physical therapists more in demand today? A big reason for this demand is because of the aging population. The baby boomer generation is nearing the retirement age, which means that these people will be more prone to accidents and injuries. Older people have weaker bones, joints and muscles, which can lead to different injuries. Physical therapists are needed to work with older people to make sure that their muscles are still strong.

Another reason why physical therapists are in demand is because of the increasing number in accidents and injuries today. Injuries due to car accidents continue to increase. Physical therapists are the best people to rehabilitate people who are suffering from car accident injuries. Even those who undergo surgery will need physical therapy. The operation will affect the physical movements of the person. A physical therapist is needed to help reduce the pain and swelling of the operated area and then bring back the strength, motion, and flexibility of the patient.

Physical therapy will always be in demand because it is an important field of medicine. The specializations of physical therapists are very important too. People with problems in the heart and lungs can go for cardiopulmonary physical therapy. These physical therapists help patients recover from heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary diseases. For the older people, geriatrics physical therapy is what they should look for. Geriatrics physical therapists treat physical difficulties caused by cancer, knee problems, arthritis, and balance disorder.

When a person has physical difficulties because of a neurological disorder, a neurological physical therapist is needed. Physical impairment due to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and brain injuries are the most common conditions a neurological physical therapist treats. When it comes to problems in the human musculoskeletal system, orthopedic physical therapy is needed. People who have undergone orthopedic surgery will benefit from this type of physical therapy.

The US Department of Labor and Employment says that the employment rate in the field of physical therapy will increase by 27% in the coming years. This is a good indication that the demand for physical therapists will remain persistent.


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