Step-By-Step Guide To Become A Physical Therapist

Health care services are one of the unwavering professions in the community.  In any economic situation, healthcare is a must to be able to provide the patients with the care that they demand.  One of these health-related jobs you can pursue is that of the physical therapist.  If you are not familiar with this, here is a step-by-step guide to become a physical therapist.

Get Ready As Early As High School

In taking up a career in the health care industry, start your preparation during high school.  Take on more subjects that are related to physical therapy.  Basic subjects include physics, chemistry and biology while specialized topics are neuroanatomy, human development, biomechanics and more.  Other than these science subjects, also volunteer in a healthcare center during weekends or on summer breaks.  This will give you first hand exposure on how physical therapists do their work.  In addition, this is good for your educational credentials when applying for future work as a physical therapist.

Obtain A Bachelor’s Degree Related To Physical Therapy

Take up a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy or other science related course during college.  This will pave way for the graduate degree that will be pursued later on.  You have to know that it a master’s degree or doctorate degree as a minimum requirement to be a physical therapist.  Maintain high grades all throughout college as this indicates that you are on the path of a career you are interested.  Above average scores, also show your dedication to become a physical therapist.

Pass Necessary Physical Therapy Exams

When you have completed you bachelor’s degree as well as masters degree, pass the National Physical Therapy Examination.  A separate state-licensing exam should also be taken in order to practice in a certain state.  When all these tests are passed, then you can start working as a physical therapist in various work areas available.

Continuing Education And Specialization For Physical Therapist

Along with other medical professionals, continuing education is essential for physical therapists.  This is to keep updated with the new developments that physical therapy may have in terms of tools and techniques.  Physical therapists can also specialize in different fields that they want to focus in.  Some of these specializations are pediatrics, orthopedic and sports.

Physical therapists care for the physical conditions of the patient.  Through their expertise, they are able to correctly guide the patient in their recovery from different ailments as well as injuries.  With this step-by-step information, you are sure to be a physical therapist one day.


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