The Physical Therapist: A Part Of The Health Care Team

The great thing about being in the medical world is the diversity of professionals with each of their different functions and designations. Even with their uniqueness, they are still interdependent with one another as they collaborate in providing the best patient treatment as much as possible. You have physicians who look after the patients depending on their current health conditions. There are nurses who are there for the patients almost every minute to provide quality care during their admission. There are dentists who advocate about taking care of your teeth and fixing it. There are optometrists who make sure your eyes can see the beautiful world as clear as possible. While they comprise part of the health care team, another set of medical practitioners has taken its stand as one of the professionals that can render care to the patient in his or her most trying times – the physical therapist.

A physical therapist is one medical professional that focuses on the rehabilitation and promotion of functional ability, mobility in the hope that a person will regain his or her optimum level of functioning and be back to doing activities of daily living without experiencing any pain or discomfort. He is one who is able to improve physical movement through thorough examination, diagnosis, evaluation and intervention.

The Physical TherapistAs part of the health care team, physical therapists are tasked to coordinate with other health care members so they can provide the treatment appropriate to the health condition of the patient. They often look at the medical history of the patient and assess them through a physical examination. They can ask for more patient data from the doctors or nurses who cared for the patient so they see to it that the therapists have instructed the right procedures and rehabilitative activities. Therapists also have the option to specialize in various fields where their expertise would be a great need. From sports and fitness promoting programs to recuperation of patients in a specific age group, physical therapists have that flexibility to perform their duties at almost any situation possible.

Aside from the professional side of therapists in relation to quality patient care, and similar to the other medical practitioners, physical therapists also engage in continuing education so they can further harness their practice of the profession and be updated to the latest trends and issues that concern the world of physical therapy. With the way these therapists are able to contribute to the recovery of the patient, they truly deserve to be part of the growing and expanding health care team.


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