The Role Of Physical Therapist In the Industrial Occupational Environment

Physical therapy is one of the most in demand healthcare services in the whole world today. This profession is present in almost all types of work setting and industries from the health and medical industry, education, commercial and even industrial workplaces. When it comes to injuries acquired from unsafe and unhealthy workplaces, most health experts today recommend physical therapy instead of surgical options and synthetic medications. This is because physical therapy is proven effective when it comes to treatment of physical injuries plus it is also safer and less expensive than surgeries making it a cost-efficient option for large companies and industries hiring hundreds or even thousands of workers.

Physical therapists play very important roles in large companies and industrial occupational environments. Some of the main healthcare services they provide are:

  • Injury prevention – injuries are inevitable sometimes especially in workplaces but it can be minimized through work injury prevention programs. Physical therapists can provide health enhancements programs aiming to improve physical conditions and proper work practices to help workers prevent injuries from work. Some of the common injuries that can be prevented are back injuries, neck injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and head injuries.
  • Workplace analysis – health and work safety management is not only essential but it is also strictly imposed through the Health and Work Safety Act. This law makes sure that workplaces are safe and conducive for the workers especially in manufacturing and industrial workplaces. Physical therapists work with other health experts in order to assess the work site and provide practical recommendations to improve the workplace and worker’s safety not only for the benefit of the workers but also for the business. With safer workplaces, businesses can greatly reduce injury costs.
  • Placement screenings – too determine the capabilities and health conditions of incoming workers and applicants, physical therapists can provide tests and physical examinations to the applicants. By knowing their capabilities and skills, physical therapists can provide recommendation on where or what job function the worker fits.

A lot of physical therapists can find great careers in the manufacturing, commercial, and industrial work settings. Small businesses and companies usually hire licensed physical therapists to provide physical therapy care to improve worker safety and workplace condition. Large business and industries do not only hire licensed physical therapists but usually, they also make contract with physical therapy centers so employees can obtain on-site physical therapy care and outpatient services in their clinics.


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