Tips In Implementing An EMR In A Physical Therapy Clinic

As technology advances, it is a common sight to have a computer in every office no matter the business.  Putting up a computer system allows for a more efficient way of keeping the medical records and other essential data.  For better handling of these medical data, a specific program is installed in the computer machine.  In a physical therapy clinic, the EMR or electronic medical record software system is the preferred program.  However, there are adverse reactions to integrating into a computer program especially from the end users.  For NitinChhoda PT, DPT, a licensed physical therapist and marketing expert, there are a few tips to make the implementation process go smooth as possible.

The first thing to check out on is the EMR system itself that is user friendly.  More often than not, the users want to make their life easy with the program that is not difficult to understand and utilize.  The user friendliness of the EMR software is typically the measurement of this program no matter how masterfully done.

EMR In A Physical Therapy ClinicNext, the EMR system should have a logical flow of tasks that the physical therapy clinic has.  The usual order of documentation is intake, consultation, prescription, billing, scheduling and follow-up.  Doing all these in a fast manner and reducing the paper work as well as steps will ensure that the office staff can be more effective in performing other responsibilities.  There is no point of writing things down and input the data in the EMR software later that day.

Aside from the user friendliness, proper order of tasks and speed of the EMR system, a small visual detail to look into is keeping the form vertically.  Computer users tend to choose entering data going up and down rather than from left to right.  The horizontal scrolling takes up more time and is observed to cause frustration to the users.  More errors are made when the form is horizontal than vertical.

Office workers are reluctant to embrace the new technology especially in using an EMR system in a physical therapy office.  Nevertheless, as more people are experiencing efficiency, these programs are being welcomed and used in every office.  However, the developers have to take note of the factors pointed above to allow for a stress-free integration for both the physical therapy clinic operations and the users.  This will also be light on the part of the programmers in giving instructions because of the easy to understand software.


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