Traits Of A Good Physical Therapist

The job of a physical therapist is both emotionally and financially rewarding. Because of the high demand for physical therapists, they are paid good money for their expertise. Those who have their own private clinics get the full profit of their services for themselves. However, you can only be successful in this line of work if you are a good and effective physical therapist.

What Are The Traits To Be A Good Physical Therapist?

  • Educated, Trained and Licensed- A good physical therapist should have undergone proper training from an accredited physical therapy degree program. He or she should graduate from an accredited school too. Further, the physical therapist should pass the licensure exam to become a licensed professional physical therapist.
  • ¬†Experienced- The key to being a good physical therapist is gaining as much experience as you can. An average physical therapist will have 5 years of experience while physical therapy administrators have 2-9 years of work experience.
  • Can Do Home Visits- A physical therapist should be open to home visits especially if the patient cannot leave home to go to the clinic. Home physical therapy is popular nowadays and a good physical therapy should welcome house calls. The great part about this is that you can earn more money because of the value-added service.
  • Kind and Humble- An effective physical therapist should be kind and humble. You should always be in a good mood when treating your patients as this will help gain positive results. If you are in a happy disposition, your mood will affect your patients and he or she will feel more comfortable and motivated in the treatment. In addition, a physical therapist should be modest when working with patients.
  • Confident- To be an effective physical therapist, there should be confidence. Just like in any other medical profession, confidence is very important. Confidence will easily translate to patients when you show them that you know what you are doing. Of course, this confidence is brought about by your qualifications and experience. If you show confidence, patients will be confident in you too.
  • Sociable- A physical therapist will meet with patients for several treatment sessions that will last months. To aid patients in their recovery, be sociable and always make them feel welcome. Socializing does not mean you have to know more about their personal life. It is just preventing any air of awkwardness and making them feel comfortable with you.


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