Treating Ankle Pain With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treats different injuries and difficulties of the body. Anything that has something to do with the physical movement and motion of a person is treated under physical therapy. It is an important aspect in joint injury treatment as it promotes range of motion and muscle strength of the injured area. Often, patients who undergo physical therapy have back or knee injuries. Ankle injuries can also be treated by physical therapy.

Ankle fractures and injuries are so painful that it might stop you from walking a few weeks. With the ankle being at the bottom of the lower extremity, it carries the load and pressure of the body. If it is weak, pain will be excruciating and your mobility will be lessened. For people with ankle injury, physical therapy is the best treatment. Physical therapy aims to reduce the inflammation and then get the flexibility and strength back.

What is really an ankle fracture? It is a range of minor twisting injuries to major fractures in the ankle. The pain and swelling can be from a bone fracture, which also weakens the ankle joint. When a patient suffers from an ankle injury, pain increases when walking the foot.  Physical therapy exercises are geared towards the recovery of the ankle fracture. Patients can experience pain during physical therapy because the ankle joints are weakened and lack strength to endure the exercises. Nonetheless, once the ankle gets gradually gets back in shape, the pain will be reduced too.

Depending on your ankle injury, the pain and swelling can last up to 9 months or more. If there is a fracture, swelling causes pain, which can also be felt during physical therapy treatments. Since the goal of the treatment is to regain mobility, the physical therapist has to move your ankle joints gently until you are accustomed to the movement. At this time, the ankle is still very sensitive. Physical therapists will not force your ankle to recover fast. They will set the right pace and treatment program for you to follow. They take into account how bad the injury is and how you can cope.

What methods are included in physical therapy? Physical therapists include stretching exercises for patients with ankle injury. These exercises can cause discomfort and pain in the initial part of the treatment. There will be seated calf stretches, range of motion exercises and therapist-induced manual mobilization. If the swelling is too much, the physical therapist will try to keep the swelling down with cold therapy. In addition, infrared and ultrasound treatments help bring down the swelling.


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