Treatment Offered By Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a form of body rehabilitation to any patient that is having a health condition.  The medical industry realizes that for a patient to be well there are cases that goes beyond medication.  This means that in the physical aspect, a patient must also be given treatment through a physical program that includes exercises and other modalities.  It is through physical therapy that the effects of injuries, fractures, lower back pain, cerebral palsy, arthritis and heart disease are alleviated.  It the responsibility of the physical therapist to promote, maintain as well as restore health and fitness of the patients.

Patients are usually scheduled for a daily or weekly therapy treatment depending on the extremity of their case.  However, usually the limit is set by the coverage of the health insurance.  During the first session, the physical therapy will gather medical history and other significant patient information.  From there, the physical therapist may have to test the patient in terms of movement to assess where the patient has difficulty in movement.  Physical therapy treatment can then be provided on the first meeting to help the patient in pain management.  After the session, the physical therapist will then create an individualized program for the patient as home exercise.

When it comes to physical therapy, the patient should also do their part in getting themselves better.  That is why the home exercises are made to guide the patient during the days where they are not going to the physical therapy clinic.  It is essential then that the patient communicate well with the physical therapist to be able to return to the normal condition in the shortest possible time.  The physical therapist in turn will teach the patient on the best exercises to arrive at the best possible result of treatment.  With this relationship, the patients will see themselves gradually be back on their feet.

Physical therapists are one of those highly satisfied professionals in their jobs.  Aside from seeing their patients be able to do their normal activities, the working environment is very positive.  Physical therapists usually work as a team and help each other out in achieving patient care.  What’s more, the salary of these health care professionals is also quite good with an annual average income of $75,000.  So for those with a passion to serve, like to be with people and enough patience to deal with different patients, this could be the right career to follow.


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