Trumann Physical Therapy Center Is Now Open

As the demand for the services of physical therapists are increasing, it is imperative that a city is able to offer it to the citizens within the area.  People of all ages have come to realize that understanding the physical aspects will enable each person to function well in any activity.  With the guidance of the physical therapist, there is that knowledge not just in the rehabilitation process but also in allowing the body for better movement.  In Trumann City in the state of Arkansas, the NEA Baptist Clinic Physical Therapy has opened last August 2012 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The clinic is a welcome addition to the health services that is available in the local community.  The City Mayor, Sheila Walters noted that physical therapists have to travel from the surrounding places to the area just to provide their services.  But now with the clinic opened, the residents need not worry for their physical health and wait for the health experts to arrive.  It is such a relief that the medical facilities are continuing to grow in the city to accommodate the different needs of the people.  The mayor added that being a nurse herself, she understands that the physical therapist’s work touches an important aspect of the person’s health.

Trumann Physical Therapy Center The Physical Therapy Director of the NEA Baptist Clinic, Jeff Ramsey is pleased to finally open the physical therapy clinic.  Physical therapy handles those that have suffered pain and physical limitations and their therapists are ready to get to work.  The specific areas they can help patients with are those that are having limited physical movements because of muscle, joint, neck and back pain.  The physical therapists can also work with patients experiencing leg and arm pain that is related to nerve entrapment.  Whatever is it that the residents need to be checked out, the physical therapists at the NEA Baptist Clinic is willing to be of service.

Physical therapy is thought to be limited to physical rehabilitation only before but now is an important aspect in daily living.  Athletes are able to do more on their sporting events because they are guided by their own sports physical therapist in their team.  Elderly people continue to function well on their own daily activities as the physical therapists assist them dealing with their aging bodies.  Health conscious generation of today will be able to increase their strength through knowing the right exercise regimen for them.  A physical therapist can do many things for each patient. So take advantage of the new clinic in Trumann City today.


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