What are the Greatest Bodybuilding Workouts for the Thighs and Buns?

Many women want to lose fat from their buns and thighs and to tone these regions up. Some women find it more challenging to tone their lower body than to tone their upper body. While any form of regular exercise will help with this goal, there are workouts that are more effective at targeting these areas. Using the following exercises can help you see results but it may take patience and persistence.

Stairs provide an effective way to lose fat while toning your thighs. Stairs in your home, at your work, or an exercise machine such as the Stairmaster are all good options. Don’t simply walk the stairs but run them for maximum benefit. Start slowly to minimize risk of injury but work up to running up and down an increasing number of times. Taking the steps two at a time will make it even more challenging. As you become accustomed to the movement, you can adjust the settings and difficulty level if you’re using an exercise machine.

An effective way to work your whole body, including your thighs and buns, is to try kettle bell workouts. Originating in Russia, kettle bells, a type of dumbbell, are designed to increase flexibility and endurance as well as strength. Available in a variety of weights, you can find them at your local sporting goods store or online. A DVD that shows you how to properly use them or a class with a certified instructor is recommended first. Because kettle bell workouts focus equally on aerobics and toning, they are a great way to burn fat while toning your body.

If you visit a gym, aside from performing cardio exercises and conceivably some classes, you should also utilize the leg machines to help shape your thighs and buns. The leg press is the primary kind of machine for this target, and every gym will have some kind of version of it or another. If you’re shooting for definition instead of vigor, you should pay attention to doing a greater number of repetitions instead of heavy weights.

These are just a few of the best exercises to help you burn fat and tone your buns and thighs. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make progress right away, but try varying your workouts every couple weeks. Varying your exercise routine helps because each different exercise uses the muscle groups in a slightly different way.

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