What Types Of Accidental Injuries Can A Physical Therapist Treat?

Physical therapy is the best treatment to improve physical movement. It is recognized to be a great healing process for people suffering from physical movement impairment because of a disease, injury or other health conditions. Physical therapy is very important to people who experienced accidental injuries like in car accidents or accidental falls.

There are people who are confused with physical and occupation therapy. Physical therapy is different from occupational therapy in one major way. Occupational therapy deals with people who are born with physical and mental disabilities. Physical therapy deals with people who are suffering from physical disability because of another health condition.

Physical therapy is a degree that many are pursuing today. Since there is a good demand for physical therapists, more and more students want to pursue a career in physical therapy. Physical therapy allows you to work in clinics, hospitals and even sporting franchises. As a physical therapist, you have the ability to treat different types of injuries and help the patient recover from the physical difficulties. This will return the patient’s bodily functions back to normal.

Car accidents, accidental injuries and sports-related injuries are the most common conditions that a physical therapy treats. Since these injuries limits mobility, physical therapy methods are needed to start gaining physical control back. Physical therapy is also required for post-surgery patients since physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles once again. Each treatment program will differ from one patient to another and techniques and equipment to be used will vary too.

Sports-related injuries are very common because the body over exerts itself when playing competitive sports. When the person pushes himself too much, the risk of injuries is high. Often, athletes obtain their injuries during training. Improper warm up, cool down and stretching are also causes of injuries. Trauma to the limbs due to an accidental fall or improper form also leads to physical impairment. Physical therapists are always in demand by sporting franchises because of the high number of injuries to be treated.

Other conditions that a physical therapist can help with are muscle injuries, tendinitis, neck pain, sprain, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who suffer from spinal cord injury or heart strokes can also benefit from physical therapy. With the growing aging population and the popularity of sports today, people are more susceptible to injuries, which are why physical therapists are highly in demand today and in the coming years.


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