When You’ve Been Told You Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery

If you have been battling carpel tunnel syndrome for years, then you know what kind of debilitating symptoms can occur. Numbness in the hands, wrists and arms, loss of strength and even pain! All this from simply doing your job! The problem is that your job happens to have a motion that is so repetitive that it is causing your nerves in certain areas to become aggravated, compressed and damaged.

This causes many people not to be able to be as productive as they were before this condition. Most of the time the carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the hands and wrists, but in some cases it can affect the elbow and other parts of the arm. Throwing, hammering on a repeated basis, and typing are some of the functions that can cause this condition to happen. In fact if correct treatment is not received the nerve could get permanently damaged. You need to at least get some kind of treatment that can help you get back to a level of productivity again.

Why does carpal tunnel syndrome happen? It happens when the median nerve gets either damaged or compressed. This is because a tightening occurs in the transverse carpal ligament, in turn this tightens the ligaments it surrounds in the wrist. The median nerve is then caught and compressed in the middle of the wrist. All these ligaments along with the nerve provides your hands with their leverage and strength to perform their work.

Repeated motion can cause this transverse carpal ligament to get compressed, then extra pressure can happen to your wrists. If you have any bad habits as you do your job the issue can be made worse. You will be glad to know though, that methods exist to help you deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, and relieve the pain your hands and wrists are going through.

Surgery is one of the options for dealing with this condition, and some do opt for it. When people have tried other treatments to handle the symptoms of this condition with no luck, they then choose surgery. But be warned that this surgery often harms you more than helps you. Even though the pressure that the median nerve is under is alleviated, this can leave your hands weakened, due to the cutting of the transverse carpal ligament. But no one can ever know the exact affect a surgery can have.

On top of it taking many weeks to recover, you are looking at a a bill of at least $10,000 to pay for the surgery. In the event you still can’t go back to work after the surgery, then you have that problem to contend with. You can of course choose to get each hand done at separate times, as you try some natural methods on the one not being operated on. There are some natural remedies available for you to try. Therapy and exercises can assist you in stretching your transverse carpal ligament, which greatly lowers the risk of you even getting the carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand and wrist massage also are necessary for any person that has to use their hands all the time.

Before you automatically consider surgery, look for other ways to relieve the pain that comes with carpal tunnel syndrome. History has shown that surgery may not be the only, best choice for you.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome might not start out as much more than a tingling in the fingers, but when the damage has worsened to pain and numbness, desperate measures might be recommended. Unfortunately, doctors don’t always explain the risks associated with carpal tunnel surgery. Follow that link to learn what your doctor might not be telling you!


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