Why Physical Therapists Are Always Going To Be In Demand

The scope of practice and application of physical therapy is very wide that may extend and overlap other medical professions. For many people who are thinking about what career path they will take, it is worth considering physical therapy. There are many benefits and advantages that you can reap from being physical therapists. If you have the heart and attitude in caring for other people, then this career would perfectly fit you.

So why choose physical therapy? The number one reason would be the great demand on this profession.  For the past years, most people concentrate on other fields of profession such as engineering, business administration, education, political science, psychology and other scientific disciplines. Rarely would you hear someone who is taking medical courses. Few people only graduate from medical colleges and some would even shift courses before finishing their chosen curriculum. This has made a huge gap on the medical workforce in many institutions. All these when combined with the major growing population of aging and sick people resulted to medical institutions running short on their workforce.

One area of medical industry is the physical therapy, which is concerned on the management and prevention of various disorders that could affect the ability of a person to perform meaningful activities. These disorders could result from accidents, traumas, degenerative diseases, developmental delays and other disease processes. According to labor statistics, physical therapists would grow up to 30 percent in the preceding decades. This is faster than the average growth of other professions while taking into consideration the current economic crisis. Since there has been an increasing acceptance of physical therapy as part of the primary healthcare of people, there would be an additional demand on this area of employment. The growing population of elderly who are more prone to chronic and debilitating diseases would most likely seek a physical therapist. Furthermore, the baby-boomer population is now entering the age group that is vulnerable to cardiovascular and neuromuscular disorders. With the improvement of medical technologies and life-prolonging apparatus, it would be more certain that more people would turn to physical therapists for help.

All these facts would lead to one conclusion: there would be a huge job opportunity for aspiring physical therapists. They would have a more secure job since medical institutions would have second thought of laying-off their employees even at the midst of economic turmoil. In contrast, they would most probably add more personnel rather than dismissing them.


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