Why Physical Therapists Are Satisfied With Their Jobs

In choosing a career, every individual wishes to be happy with what he or she does. Can you imagine yourself working 8 hours a day and feeling miserable? This is not a situation that you would want to be in. As much as possible, you want to land a job that will make you happy, fulfilled and satisfied. These are the feelings that a physical therapist goes through every day. Physical therapy has a very high rating for job satisfaction.

A study was made to see how satisfied physical therapists were with their jobs. The 2007 study showed that above 75% of physical therapists are just satisfied but they are very satisfied with their jobs. That is a really huge number. This just signifies that a career in physical therapy will give you happiness. Moreover, this study is not just the only proof that physical therapists are highly satisfied with their jobs, the 2010 CNN Money report showed that physical therapy is ranked as 4th in the top careers in the U.S. What are the reasons why physical therapists are very happy with their jobs?

  • Being a healthcare professional is fulfilling enough already. Physical therapists work with physically impaired patients and they find fulfillment when they help patients walk, run or stand up again. It takes a lot of work for both the physical therapist and the patient to reach milestones in the treatment program. When they do reach it together, it is very fulfilling and rewarding.
  • Job Satisfaction For Physical Therapists Another reason is the bond that a physical therapist has with the patients. Getting better physically need the effort of both the patient and the physical therapist. The physical therapist creates the treatment plan and help improves the condition of the patient. The patient performs the treatment exercises and exerts an effort to get better. There is mutual trust and confidence between the two. The relationship between therapist and patient is priceless.
  • As a physical therapist, you work all day to improve quality of life, get patients back on their feet, relieve them of pain, and discomfort and many more. The moment that your patient starts to improve, there is ultimate job satisfaction there.
  • Career wise, physical therapy is a fast growing field in the healthcare industry. This means that there will be an increase in employment plus more job opportunities. In addition, physical therapists are paid highly because of their services. Hence, physical therapists can live a comfortable lifestyle.

Each physical therapist has his or her reason why they find their jobs satisfying and very fulfilling. The important thing to note here is that when you become a physical therapist, you will enjoy a lifetime of happiness with your career.


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