Why Should I Undergo Physical Therapy? Is It Painful?

Physical therapy is known to be a therapy program that will help rehabilitate injuries but it is not just about this. If you are looking for a treatment program that will improve your bodily functions and strengthen your muscles, physical therapy is what you need. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment that focuses on the healing and prevention of injuries. Aside from healing and alleviating pain, physical therapy is used for physical training, fitness and wellness.

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

You are probably asking the same question. Well, it will really depend on your body if you need to undergo physical therapy. There are people who can maintain a healthy body without physical therapy by simply exercising. However, there are cases when people need specialized treatment programs to improve their bodily functions.

Even though people can exercise alone, working with a physical therapist is still a very different experience. Physical therapists are educated and highly skilled in physical rehabilitation and they are knowledgeable about the problem areas in your body. You can exercise all you want but without knowing your problem areas, you will not know what needs improving.

People have different bodies, different movements and alignments but only a physical therapist knows how to correct different physical problems and correct alignments, movements and habits. You see, undergoing physical therapy is not just about the exercises but it is also about proper education. Your physical therapist will educate you about your own body and what areas you need to work on. He or she will also tell you about prevention of injuries and how to correct physical problems.

Is Physical Therapy Painful?

Well, that will depend on your condition. If you are suffering from an injury or has recently undergone surgery, the physical therapy program may be painful at first. This is because the body is still weak from the injury and has not gain enough strength yet. Do not worry though, all physical exercises are designed with the right level of challenge for you. Physical therapists will gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise when your body is increasing in strength, stability and flexibility too.

How Long Will Physical Therapy Take?

Again, that will depend on your physical condition. There are people who heal and recover faster compared to others recovery. Moreover, the healing process will also depend on the type of injury you are suffering from. Proper rehabilitation may take time but this is what you need to be completely healed.


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