Do Tennis Players Physical Therapists Have Specialty Training?

One of the needs of a tennis player is a good physical therapist.  It is through the physical therapist’s knowledge and experience how the tennis player can properly apply the different strokes of the tennis game.  With the help of the physical therapist, the tennis player can also condition himself not just on the arm that is used for playing tennis but on the overall physical health.  Before, it is observed that a tennis player has bigger, muscular arm on which he uses to do such strokes but now with the help of the physical therapist they balance both their arms.

But to give the appropriate program to a tennis player, a physical therapist should have specialty training on sports medicine.  Aside from completing a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, a master’s degree should also be acquired by the interested student in pursuing a sports physical therapy career.  After these educational years, a physical therapist can obtain clinical experience by a residency program in the sports physical therapy in different medical institutions.  It is through this program that the physical therapist is able to specialize in sports physical therapy.  This residency usually last a year and makes the physical therapist knowledgeable on the prevention, assessment and treatment of sports injuries.  From there, the physical therapists can then take and pass the licensure examination for sports-specialty exams conducted by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties or the ABPTS.

After all the needed requirements are completed and satisfied, a sports physical therapist can choose to work for tennis players.  Even when they are already oriented with sports medicine, they should also continue to learn on the development of tennis players to be able to reach their highest capacities in playing such sports.  Physical therapists that help tennis players are not just focus on sports injuries but oversee the overall health condition of the player.  Other responsibilities of the tennis physical therapist are performance enhancement, conditioning, preventive techniques and together with other doctors develop programs that help athletes be able to manage pain.

Tennis physical therapists are a specialized form of sports physical therapy.  If you want to become one, you should be ready to take up intensive education and training to work with professional athletes as a career.  This job can be fulfilling and stressful at the same time just like any other jobs.  However, if you have the passion for sports and medicine you can find this career extremely exciting and satisfying.


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