How A Physical Therapist Can Help With Sport Injuries

In sports, obtaining an injury is inevitable. The over exertion can easily strain the muscles. In competitive sports, bodies are pushed to their limits during training and matches. This is what athletes do for a living, which is why they make sure their bodies are ready to handle the physical demands. However, injuries are always around the corner and a body can only take so much. One wrong move can cause a devastating injury that will cause a person to stop competing for months to years.

Physical therapists are vital to the treatment of sports injuries. Sporting teams always make sure that they have the best physical therapists onboard. Physical therapists are the best people when it comes to treating injuries that limit physical movement. They are also the best people to alleviate the swelling and pain.

There are different types of sports injuries that an athlete may suffer from. The most common are sprains. Sprains happen when a connective tissue is torn or overly stretched. This connective tissue is known as ligaments. Sprains happen during a traumatic fall or blow which knocks the joint out from its position. Sprains are common in ankles, wrists and knees. Another sports-related injury is the strain. Here, a muscle or tendon is twisted, pulled or torn. This injury happens from over stretching. Muscle spasm is a result of a muscle strain.

Another common injury is a knee injury. Since the knee connects the thighs and the lower part of the legs, it absorbs the weight and load of the body. The pressure on the knee makes it prone to injuries. Runner’s knee and tendinitis are common knee injuries.

How do physical therapists treat these sports-related injuries? All physical therapists have a different approach to treating an injury. It will take careful evaluation before a physical therapist determines the right therapy program for a patient. The treatment program will depend on the severity of the injury. Rehabilitation is what a physical therapist will recommend for treating sports injuries. This is an exercise program designed to strengthen the injured part and regain its normal movements. Rehabilitation is aimed to hasten the healing process because athletes want to start getting back in shape immediately.

Physical therapy aims to bring back the strength, flexibility and endurance in the injured area. This will not be done overnight. It will take proper discipline and effort from the patient. Most of all, adequate rest is needed for the body to repair itself and recover.


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