How Long Does It Take To Become A Legit Sport Physical Therapist?

Becoming a professional especially in the field of health and medicine can take time compared to other professions. This is because health care professionals need to be well trained, skilled and prepared when handling patients since people rely and give their trust to their health practitioners. At some point, the safety and life of the patient may even depend on your hand so it is important that you really know the right thing to do to save your patient.

This is definitely true if you want to become a certified and legitimate sports physical therapist. Athletes rely on the expertise of their physical therapists in order to properly recover from various sports injuries and to improve sports performance by achieving the optimum physical condition. To become a certified and licensed sports physical therapist, you need to finish first a bachelor’s degree in college, usually 4 to 5 years depending on the course you take. After finishing your bachelor or undergraduate degree program, aspiring sports physical therapists need to proceed to a higher education program specifically designed for sports physical therapy education and training which usually takes additional 3 to 4 years for completion.

There are now a lot of schools and universities that offer sports physical therapy programs. There are master’s degree but most universities offer a doctorate degree in sports physical therapy. Before you can be admitted to a university or doctorate education program, students must be able to finish a course in college prerequisite to the sports physical therapy program. It is definitely advisable to take courses in college related to health, medicine, and sports in order to be easily admitted to higher education programs in sports physical therapy. You should also pass the college admission tests provided by the school you want to enroll in.

After finishing the doctorate degree program on sports physical therapy, professionals must first pass the licensure exam for aspiring sports physical therapists. If you pass the licensure exam, you can now proceed to your training and residency program. Licensure and residency requirements may vary from state to state, or from country to country. It is important to inquire about the specific qualifications and requirements imposed in the place you are planning to work or be employed to avoid problems and for better job opportunities. Sports physical therapists can continue to even higher education or acquire more certifications through additional trainings in order to acquire more knowledge and to obtain better career opportunities.


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