Make A Great Career Out Of Being A Sport Physical Therapist

The body’s abilities and performance are important especially for professional and amateur athletes. Becoming a sport physical therapist can be a very lucrative and fulfilling job since a lot of athletes and players today need the help of sport physical therapists in order to maintain their body, to prevent health and physical problems that can affect their performance, and to recover effectively from injuries and physical conditions. Sport physical therapists are the healthcare professionals needed not only by professional athletes but also by fitness enthusiasts and common individuals in order to improve their physical abilities and relieve various body pains.

Some popular athletes and major sports teams hire their own professional sport physical therapist in order to provide the necessary physical therapy services needed by players and athletes. They are the main healthcare professionals required when some athletes suffer from injury due to training and sports. Aside from sports-related injuries, sport physical therapists are also highly in demand in terms of helping players with chronic injuries related the musculoskeletal system of the body. With the increasing needs for sport physical therapy experts, earning a degree in physical therapy and specializing in sport physical therapy can be a very good career move.

According to the United States – Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for sport physical therapist is $76,310 annually in 2010. This means that sport physical therapists in the country earn about $36.69 per hour. These figures are relatively high compared to other healthcare professions making it a very good career option for various students and aspiring healthcare professionals today. Based on their statistics, employment growth for physical therapists and other PTs with specializations like sport physical therapists are expected to grow for about 39% from the year 2010 to 2020. This growth is much faster compared to the average growth of other occupations due to the increasing population and with the growing number of aging baby boomers.

Staying physically fit and active can be quite difficult already especially for aging people since the physical abilities are usually the main functions that are affected when aging. Because of this, physical therapists and sport physical therapists will be highly in demand not only to treat athletes but also to help aging people in terms of pain relief and treatments. Considering a career in sport physical therapy will be a very good decision with the growing needs for physical therapists and the great income opportunities offered to them.


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