Sports Physical Therapists – What Do They Do?

Athletes have special needs when it comes to maintaining and monitoring the condition of their body and health. They need to be physically fit always in order to perform well. Sports physical therapists are the main health care professionals that attend to sports athletes and provide the necessary health services they need from rehabilitation, treatments, monitoring, and restoration of physical abilities.

Sports physical therapists are very important for every athlete or sports team. This is because they do not only provide services when there is health problem related to injuries but they are also important in the improvement of performance of the athletes by improving their physical health conditions. Sports physical therapists evaluate, monitor, and provide solution in order to improve athletes’ range of motion, posture, balance, flexibility, strength, mechanics, coordination, endurance, mobility, and overall sports performance. These characteristics and skills are not only important in terms of achieving great performance but also necessary for preventing injuries while playing sports.

There are certain body parts that are prone to injuries depending on the kind of sport the athlete plays. One of the important duties of sports physical therapists is to monitor and maintain the healthy condition of these injury prone areas of the body. They can suggest therapies for prevention purposes or they can also suggest safety gears in order to protect the body part that is highly at risk from sports injuries such as the nose, head, back, ankles, elbows, tendons, fingers, and calves.

Sports physical therapists are also responsible for the rehabilitation and treatments in case the person already acquire injuries. Sports physical therapists need to report the condition of the patient to their sports manager or chief physician in order to provide necessary treatment for the patient. Together with other health professionals, they will formulate a particular treatment and recovery plan specially formulated for the condition of the said athlete.

Most sports physical therapists today use modern treatments and equipments for the proper diagnosis of the patient like CT scans, X-rays and MRIs or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Since most of the injuries affecting athletes involve the bones, joints, tendons, and muscles, these equipments are definitely essential in order to determine the condition of these body parts. For serious sports injuries, sports physical therapists may require athletes to temporarily stop playing until the injury is fully healed and the patient is fully recovered. They provide therapy treatments and may even advise certain exercise programs for the faster recovery of the athlete.


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