Sports Physical Therapy – What Does a Sports Physical Therapist Do?

In the sports world, injuries are very real and can happen even to the most physically fit athlete.  These athletes need proper care for them in order to get back to their full physical condition and be able to play in their highest capacity possible.  That is where the sports physical therapist is needed.  It is through their expertise and knowledge that the athletes are given the right therapy and go back to their usual form to get back to playing their sport.  For professional players, this is essential as playing sports is their way of earning a living.

There are different responsibilities of a sports physical therapist.  When a patient is recommended for therapy, the first thing that this therapist does is assess the extent of the damage done by an injury or accident.  The examination is done by testing the joints and the range of movement that the athlete can do.  It is through this assessment and examination that the athlete will know if he can still play in the sports that he love.

When this is done, the sports physical therapist will then recommend how to treat the injuries to alleviate the pain through various types of massage.  These therapists also use manipulative techniques, electrotherapy and certain apparatus.  It is also the task of a therapist to come up with a rehabilitation program including diet and nutrition. Such program should be appropriate to the injury and the sport the patient is playing.  Aside from special programs for athletes, they also recommend extra treatment if needed and to other practitioners.

The sports physical therapist can work exclusively for a sport team, in a rehabilitation center, hospital, universities or through their own practice.  If they work for a company especially in sports team, they may work with coaches, fitness advisers or sports trainers to give implementation on right exercise, conditioning, programs for injury prevention and core stability to ensure that the athletes are able to achieve their highest potential and maintain such peak performance.

Sports physical therapy can be a demanding job. Although it becomes an easier task if you have a passion for taking care of other people especially the athletes then you can follow this career in your future.  Aside from getting to know personally these famous athletes, you can also have the chance to do a lot of travel.  These are just some of the benefits in working as a sports physical therapist.


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